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[9 Dec 2014 | 4 Comments | 5,811 views]
Wrapping things up…

Yes, there’s finally a new post on this blog. But this is not the post you’re looking for…
It’s time to wrap things up with this blog, which is a really tough thing to say. After 365 posts, and more than 8000 (mostly on-topic) comments, this a chapter of my life I don’t really want to give up. But the practicalities life and my career don’t really permit it. This website was really active for about four years, and I’m proud to say that we (and this really is a “we”) …

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[18 Sep 2011 | 32 Comments | 28,696 views]
An Egotistical Diatribe

One of the most impressive results of sharing thoughts on the internet the speed of insight – it doesn’t take long for two and two to bump together neatly. Last year, some bright sods noticed that I’d changed my by-line in my Chemistry World column. When once it said “Paul Docherty is a medicinal chemist based in London, UK”, it now reads “Paul Docherty is a science writer and blogger based in London, UK”. With my Facebook, Linked-In and Google+ accounts reflecting the change in more detail, it’s not surprising …

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[6 Oct 2010 | 48 Comments | 30,348 views]
Nobel Prize in Chemistry Announced

Just a quick post-ette to congratulate Richard Heck of the University of Delaware, Ei-ichi Negishi of Purdue University, and Akira Suzuki of Hokkaido University for finally getting the recognition they deserve.  Decades of science have relied upon the palladium mediated reactions these guys pioneered, and it’s great to see that recognised.  I also feel that these are the correct chosen three in what is now a huge field, but I’m sure not everyone agrees.
Some links:  Nobel Announcement – Guardian – BBC.
I’m also glad that the Graphene chemistry was acknowledged this year, making this year a …

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[21 Mar 2010 | One Comment | 11,324 views]
First Disclosures @ SF ACS

Just a quick postlet to point everyone to Chemistry & Engineering News’ Live Blogging on medicinal chemistry at the San-Fran ACS.  Carmen Drahl will be giving details of clinical candidates, targets and activity information as they’re announced – a big deal to us Med Chemists.
She’s got a blog (or will have very shortly) called the Haystack.  Or you can follow it all on twitter, @carmendrahl .  You can follow me too, though I’m not at the ACS – I’m at a wedding in Selby.  But Selby is the SF of …

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[16 Apr 2009 | 34 Comments | 11,876 views]
Tot Syn was on holiday – and is three!

Tot Syn is three!
Remarkable!  I’m astonished that the gig has lasted this long, and that you lovely reader keep reading my stream-of-conciousness.  Thanks!  And BTW, you (yes you!) are one of 33,000 people reading this month – which I reckon is a significant percentage of the chemically minded populous.  So what’s changed over those years?
1.  The theme.  Lots.  Sorry – I like to think I’m a bit of web-designer, but I promise I’ll limit the changes to once a year…
2.  The nationality of my readers:

United States  15,517
Japan  3,794
United Kingdom  3,194
Germany  …

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[21 Feb 2009 | 3 Comments | 13,518 views]
Some links, and yes, Hexacyclinol…

I’ve been sent a pair of links to pass on to the chemical community:
1. I saw that not all your posts are total syntheses and that publication is a bit slow so I thought I’d suggest you mention ChemTube3D  http://www.chemtube3d.com to your readership who I am sure would enjoy it. It is a free site.

I hope you are already familiar with the site, but if not, you can read some background in the “press release” I prepared for Chem Eng News Digital Briefs.
Nick Greeves [co-author of The Big Green Book of Organic Joy]
Director of …

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[29 Jan 2009 | 36 Comments | 15,981 views]
Abstract Graphics

It really is time that someone took the crayons away from KCN – the covers of the Classics books are bad enough without this crazy colouring-in competition turning up in JACS abstracts…
Also of note – nice work by Carreira in Nature today; this’ll be in my RSC Chemistry World column.

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[12 Jan 2009 | 5 Comments | 6,658 views]

Just a quick news-nugget before I get on with the real business of the day – phorbasin C – but even though the Hayashi synthesis of Tamiflu is super-sweet, it may be a waste of time.  There’s a slightly worrying article about it’s uselessness against the most prevalent USian strain of flu over at the NWTimes. The article goes on to suggest that GSK’s Relenza might be a better bet for now.  Now, any smart ideas? I can see a SAD, potentially a Knovenagel, and maybe an Evans Aldol…

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[9 Jan 2009 | 5 Comments | 11,573 views]

A break in your usual programming for some blatant advertising. However, there’s some good stuff here:
i. ‘Hi Paul,
We talked several months ago about a chemistry dictionary I had developed for word processors.
I have completed a major upgrade to the chemistry dictionary with the help of chemspider.com. The dictionary now has ~140,000 words.
Read my write up about the dictionary and download the file here:
I think it will be valuable to you and your readers.

I think this is a cracking idea, and well done to both Adam Azman at UNC who …

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[21 Sep 2008 | 3 Comments | 4,724 views]

Sorry, yet again, for the lack of posting.  But for once, it’s not entirely my fault.  I spent a good chunk of this evening reading Brian Stoltz’s full paper on the synthesis of alkaloids using enantioselective oxidation (resolution).  It’s great, but I covered it back in 2006 (synthesis of amurensinin).  Then I went through Amos Smith’s lyconadin A and B, but we looked at that last year.  Nicoloau has also been pumping out full papers to accompany earlier communications.  This is great – full papers are A Good Thing, but …