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[27 Jul 2008 | 28 Comments | 10,070 views]

Zakarian and Lu. ACIEE, 2008, EarlyView. DOI: 10.1002/anie.200801652.
I think his group are probably still unpacking the boxes after a move from FSU to Santa Barbara, but they’ve had enough time to finish (or at least publish) a short but sweet synthesis of trichodermamide B.  From a biological activity perspective, it’s a reasonable human colon carcinoma beater, and ‘moderate antimicrobial’ agent, so of some interest, but one of the more interesting facets is the inactivity of the related trichodermamide A.  The only difference between these two beasties …

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[24 Jul 2008 | 6 Comments | 5,331 views]

A few more highlights – this time from day 2 of the BOSS conference.
Masakatsu Shibasaki gave a real tour d’force, covering a hugely diverse range of reactions with an astounding array of reagents.  The Shibasaki chemical inventory must give the Corey labs a run for their money…
First-up was a bit of asymmetric epoxidation.  Shibasaki’s approach is quite different to that used by Yian Shi – rather than attempting an asymmetric oxidation, he’s targeted a asymmetric methylation of a carbonyl group, using the Corey-Chaykovsky reagent and the mother of all catalysts… …

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[19 Jul 2008 | 11 Comments | 10,087 views]

I’m still ‘out of the office’ just now – on holiday with my family back in Embra (Edinburgh to non-natives), but the conference ended yesterday, so I thought I’d write a bit about what was discussed.  The gist of the conference was five days of organic synthesis – and only one lecture theatre, so no timetabling issues.  The lectures were also all scheduled to last the same 60 minutes – which I’m surprised to say was mostly adhered to.  No random Sharpless 2h+ ramblings…
Day 1.  (Carreira Day)
A tradition of the …

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[9 Jul 2008 | 22 Comments | 10,505 views]

Stoltz and Enquist. Nature, 2008, 453, 1228. DOI: 10.1038/nature07046.
We’re going high-concept again, here… but before it all gets complex, let’s examine the why before the how.  The cyanthiwigins are pretty diverse biological agents, with antimicrobial and antineoplastic activities, along with nerve growth factor stimulation; this particular beastie has some moderate cytoxicity versus human primary tumour cells. However, there’s another 29 with their own particular efficacies.  Indeed, as Stoltz mentions, it’s surprising that they’ve only been the product of two syntheses (Andrew Phillips and Jagadeeswar Reddy).
Key to …

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[9 Jul 2008 | 28 Comments | 12,148 views]

Burton, Me and Kemmit. ‘Diastereocontrolled Synthesis of Hetero- and Carbocycles via Manganese(III) and Copper(II): Towards a Novel Prostaglandin Total Synthesis’ (Thesis, Oxford), 2008, On my desk, pending corrections.
Observant readers will remember my disappearing off the face of the blogosphere around Christmas (I’m looking at you, McClory…), citing some lame excuse about a thesis or something.  I’ve not mentioned the state-of-play since then, but suffice to say that the job is done, and I passed my viva yesterday.  Yup, I is Dr. Docherty (nice alliteration I feel).1 The honours fell to …

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[2 Jul 2008 | 11 Comments | 7,885 views]

Latest piece for the RSC in the July issue of Chemistry World…