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Chemistry World: Rubioncolin B   

5 August 2008 5,714 views 3 Comments

Latest piece for the RSC in the August issue of Chemistry World…

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  • Liquidcarbon says:

    The disconnection is pretty obvious, even though it required non-trivial reagent selection. Nice synthesis of naphthofuran.

  • newboy says:

    Hate to break the stream but I had a question. Is it alright if I use an “organic lett.” template to write a research proposal.

  • Potstirrer says:

    I think it would be weird, and perhaps even presumptuous, to turn in a research proposal that appeared in the format of an OrgLett paper. Applying for an ACS graduate fellowship requires writing a mini-review in an OrgLett template, but that is a very special case. Your research proposal can and should have a very specific and consistent style–you could even borrow heavily from the OrgLett template. Just don’t use it outright. And definitely don’t use those red breaks!