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21 September 2008 4,723 views 3 Comments

Sorry, yet again, for the lack of posting.  But for once, it’s not entirely my fault.  I spent a good chunk of this evening reading Brian Stoltz’s full paper on the synthesis of alkaloids using enantioselective oxidation (resolution).  It’s great, but I covered it back in 2006 (synthesis of amurensinin).  Then I went through Amos Smith’s lyconadin A and B, but we looked at that last year.  Nicoloau has also been pumping out full papers to accompany earlier communications.  This is great – full papers are A Good Thing, but it leaves me a little short on material (Danishefsky’s excellent peribysin E synthesis is bound from Chemistry World…).  However, I’m sure I’ll find something great in something other than JACS or Angewandte, so give me a minute…

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