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9 January 2009 11,579 views 5 Comments

A break in your usual programming for some blatant advertising. However, there’s some good stuff here:

i. ‘Hi Paul,

We talked several months ago about a chemistry dictionary I had developed for word processors.
I have completed a major upgrade to the chemistry
dictionary with the help of chemspider.com. The dictionary now has ~140,000 words.
Read my write up about the
dictionary and download the file here:
I think it will be valuable to you and your readers.

I think this is a cracking idea, and well done to both Adam Azman at UNC who wrote it (along with Antony Williams at Chemspider), and Mitch for hosting it. However, I should mention that the spelling is americanised, so be cautious, fellow Brits.

ii. ‘Dear Friends and Colleagues:

For a collection of organic synthesis road-map problems, please visit:
http://www.cup.uni-muenchen.de/oc/trauner/ and press the “Denksport” tab.
Best wishes,
Dirk Trauner

It’s always great to have more resouces for chemistry problems – we’ve already got the Evans group problems, and the Fukayama problems (urgh… hard!!!), but these look really nice.

iii. A second mention to Antony Williams, who has (with his ChemArachnid), created a new journal of chemistry, the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry. Their aims are to show the big publishing houses what an electronic journal can be, rather than just a collections of pdfs: ‘We intend to demonstrate how modern web technologies can be used to dramatically enhance the type of information that can be communicated using web-based tools over standard online publishing approaches. More on that here.

Seen anything else you’d like to share?

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