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Asymmetric Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients   

16 June 2006 6,555 views 6 Comments


Farina, Reeves, Senanayake, and Song. Chem. Rev., 2006, ASAP. DOI: 10.1021/cr040700c.

Interesting review of all-manner of asymmetric synthesis of drug targets, using chemistry that presumably “works”!!

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  • Jeremiah says:

    Not to, you know, hijack a thread… but are those three blogs the only ones you read, Tot. Syn. guy?

  • Tot. Syn. says:

    The only chemistry blogs I read every day, and thus the only ones I like to link to from here – let’s keep it relevent! I read other material all the time, some like the Chem blog (www.thechemblog.com), Paul Bracher’s blog (www.paulbracher.com/blog) and SexyScience (sexyscience.blogspot.com), but less frequently. However, I’m currently obsessed with Pitchfork (www.pitchfork.com), Stylus magazine (www.stylusmagazine.com) (I’m a massive music geek) Pixelsurgeon (www.pixelsurgeon.com) and Sniff Petrol (www.sniffpetrol.com) for entertainment! That, and reading all the above journals every day, just to keep you lovely peeps up on the totally synthetic action! Sometimes the boss wants me to do stuff in the lab too…

  • ddd says:

    needless to say that Tot. Synth. heavily depends upon discoveries made in methodology area….so where can we blog about methodology stuff? I like Hartwig’s JACS ASAP paper about hydroamination dynamics

  • ddd says:

    thermodynamics :lol:

  • Tot. Syn. says:

    I’ve been thinking of starting a basic forum for methodology, because I can’t think of a better way of doing this. Total synthesis publications tend to come in the form of two or three biggies a week. This leaves me with just enough time to blog it. However, methodology moves far faster, too fast for me to blog (I do have a total synthesis of my own to do)! However, most interesting new methods turn up in total synthesis, so I’ll probably end out covering them in the end anyway!

  • amir dolati says:

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    I’m amir dolati and study chemisty and I’m interesting to know what’s the best
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    Best Regards,
    Amir Dolati