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Chemistry World: Penifulvin A   

1 February 2009 8,660 views 10 Comments


Latest piece for the RSC in the February issue of Chemistry World

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  • SIL says:

    I am always enjoying your ariticle and comments by others.
    Anyway, in your article for Penifulvin A, 2nd structure in Fig. 3, should have one more carbon.
    I hope to be changed correctly.

    • Tot. Syn. says:

      Argh! Unfortunately, this article is printed in Chemistry World, so is now on the desks of about forty thousand people. So there’ll be no changing in then. Bugger…

  • abc says:

    wow, everything looks so different now…great job renovating the site.

  • Heiko says:

    nice… better archives and a rating ;) cool!
    can’t wait to read your next piece.

  • Epoth says:

    Good article. Intramolecular meta photocycloaddition certainly wasn’t discovered by Paul Wender, though!

  • erm... says:

    The Hydrogens at C1 and C7 are drawn cis in the isolation paper and in the first figure of the synthesis paper in JACS. In your piece in chemistry world they are trans, and also in Scheme 4 of the synthesis paper. Which is it? Fenestranes are like totally confusing me….

  • erm... says:

    OK. Think I get the structure now!

  • John Wood says:

    @ Tot. Syn.

    I have noticed that people have asked you about the blog and if they can promote their own blog, I am an avid reader, and would like to start an analogous page to your Chemistry World page for the Undergraduate Research Journal at my institution. So I started with the methylomuralide paper, and I was looking for your first post, but could not find it, if you would have the link for that, and more so any hints about starting up, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks for the edification.

    • Tot. Syn. says:


      Sorry for taking so long to reply. I think you’ll have seen my methylomuralide post now – that wasn’t written at the time you wrote your comment, so I hope that has solved it.

      WRT writing about syntheses, I’m completely astonished that the blog was successful in any way. I’ve never shown any talent for writing, but I’m apparently quite accessible. I never labour over my English – friends tell me I write with the same style that I speak. In fact (and somewhat unnervingly), they say they ‘hear’ my voice when reading it.

      Picking articles is the tough thing. Sometimes, papers leap of the TOC, and scream ‘write about me’. Other times two weeks have gone by and the only relevant paper is a JOC synthesis of a macrolide using the same RCM/aldol/esterification BS you’ve seen a hundred times. Some writers like ‘Kyle’ at the ChemBlog write in advance so there’s always something ‘in the cupboard’… but I never plan ahead (which shows all too often).

      Have fun writing – and if you have an article you particularly like, and would like to share it with the blogosphere, send it to me and I’ll make sure you get all the cred / ‘spec.