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6 October 2009 11,101 views 14 Comments


Okay, I’ve cheated you from a real post – but the Haplophytine story is a good one!  I had over 800 items in my Google Reader feed this morning, and I’m sure at least one of them will end out here!  In the mean time, check this piece out in Chemistry World.

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  • redox says:

    Fukumaya of Tokyo University not Tohoku Iniversity…

  • GYA says:

    in the end the haplophytine story was a bit anti-climactic for me.

  • sls says:

    Poor Jason Altum
    If I were him, I must have given graduate school up.
    Why didn’t he do that?
    Why did he have to do short cut???

  • anon says:

    Jason Altum took a short cut because like at every other school like Harvard (e.j. MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, CalTech, Columbia, etc.), most students think their life is their stupid PhD.

    • bad wolf says:

      Was anyone else amused when EJ was quoted in the C&EN article about the UCLA death? Who could possibly be more concerned about grad student life…

  • columbiachemist says:


  • ch3mical says:

    Any recommendations for a AlCl3 work-up with a water soluble product?

    • milkshake says:

      I think you are screwed. On a small scale I would try to de-salt the quenched mix with sulfonated ion exchanger resin and then concentrate the mix and run prep HPLC. (You can also try adding 3 eqivs of KF and filter off the AlF3 precipitate – it is very insoluble and does not gel).

    • Radical says:

      Is the product not at all soluble in organic solvents? If it is, you can try stirring with sat. Rochelle’s salt then extracting the aqueous layer with an organic solvent. You can also try stirring with a mixture of hexanes/sat. MgSO4 (10:1 or so) for about 1 h to precipitate all the Al salts, then filter and wash with EtOAc many times.

  • ch3mical says:

    On a smaller scale quench with alcohols or water works but it must be purified by prep HPLC as the compound is very water soluble and polar. KF sounds promising, Rochelle’s salt decomplexes but recovery is poor. Continuous extraction maybe? I was hoping complexes with a quench of triethanol amine would work out but dealing with the gel ppts is a pain for scale. Thanks for your help.

  • Bitter After Taste says:

    Quench an Al reaction with alcohols and prep it? Don’t tell the guy servicing the prep you’re doing that as them’s fightin’ words.