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Abyssomicin C   

16 August 2006 6,420 views 4 Comments

Abyssomicin C_3.jpg

Peters and Fischer, ACIEE, 2006, Highlights – Early View. DOI: 10.1002/anie.200602409.

Another look at at this interesting and popular target (with a great name!) in this Angewandte Highlight. This features both the syntheses by Nicolaou and Sorensen, but doesn’t mention Snider’s intriguing efforts towards this same structure. As mentioned in a previous post, Soresen and Snider came upon a similar intermediate, attempting the same epoxidation, and both using DMDO, but to quite different results. Pity…

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  • c chad warford says:

    the most interesting typo in this post by far is the leftmost ketone…..

  • SJB says:

    I was thinking more the lefthand alkene – which previously was trisubstituted ;)

  • Tot. Syn. says:

    Typo??? The compound has two atropisomers – this is the natural one, but Nicolaou has made atrop-abyssomicin too… and it’s even more biologically active!

  • c chad warford says:

    my bad, i’m only used to the biaryl atropisomers, not these fancy aliphatic ones.