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Small Molecule Natural Products in the Discovery of Therapeutic Agents   

16 August 2006 8,391 views 9 Comments


Danishefsky and Wilson. JOC - Perspective, 2006, ASAP. DOI: 10.1021/jo0610053 .

An excellent review of a great topic – development of pharmaceutical agents derived from natural products. The paper covers a broad range of substrates, but particular focus is paid to Lipitor, Paclitaxel, prostaglandins and the epothilones. If you don’t look at anything else in this paper, check out page B, Scheme 1…

Additional: As mentioned by an astute commentator, the same authors have published a related artical in Acc. Chem. Res., DOI: 10.1021/ar068018n

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  • Klug says:

    I assume that you’re marveling at the trophy wall. It is quite impressive.

  • guaguanco says:

    Too bad I’m not in academia; I’d love to read these articles but will never have access…

  • Disillusioned Hamster says:

    The same authors have a really nice article in the latest Acc. Chem. Res.

    Applications of Total Synthesis to Problems in Neurodegeneration: Fascinating Chemistry along the Way
    Rebecca M. Wilson and Samuel J. Danishefsky
    pp 539 – 549; (Article) DOI: 10.1021/ar068018n

    Lots of interesting highlights of their syntheses, and a good argument for ‘what’s the point of total sythesis’ discussions

  • Tot. Syn. says:

    Thanks for that; I’ve added a link from the main post now!

  • Guy says:

    Speaking of lipitor… look at this thing some guy in my department ordered at Burger King:

  • Jeremiah says:

    Oooh… my Octostacker. It was the best!

  • […] I was sitting around reading one of my other favorite blogs, Totally Synthetic the other day when I saw something amazing. This post caught my eye because I’m an uberfan of Danishefsky and small molecule natural product drug design. I had read the ASAP the day it came out but didn’t think about blogging it until some guy on Totally Synthetic posted a picture of some gargantuanly disgusting cheeseburger. I assume by the name ‘Octostacker’ that the thing has eight beef patties… and is that bacon coming out of there? No offence guy, but you have to be one of the fattest bastards on the planet. I mean… EIGHT PATTIES? Your fingers have to be like balloons. How do you type? With a stick in your mouth? (please don’t sue me.) Anyway, it is in that spirit that I make Lipitor the drug of the week. If fast food places will actually let someone buy that thing, then statins are going to continue to have a very important roll in society. […]

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  • JoeyBurns says:

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