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Nakadomarin A   

10 December 2009 11,910 views 4 Comments


Yeah, I’ve not posted in a bit… Cephalostatin 1 is going into Chemistry World next month, but this months is also worth a read.  Darren Dixon’s synthesis of Nakadomarin A contains quite a few interesting transformation, and is very succinct.

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  • Gui says:

    Question, I don`t understand how DAST can make oxazolines from beta hydroxyamides!! Please anyone help!!!!!! Does DAST fluorinate the primary alcohol or does it react as an intermediate???

    URGENT!!!!! THANK U!!!!
    (From Org. Lett., 2000, Vol 2, No8, 1165-1168)

  • me says:

    I think it just acts as a dehydrating agent.

  • Billy says:

    Now sorry guys, but is it just me who thinks that a reaction which heads over into the second week, uses 15% of a complex catalyst and only gives you 60% yield, 80-ish % DR is nothing to write home about…

  • Johnny says:

    It’s not that bad when you make loads of the starting materials.