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Dictyosphaeric Acid A   

2 August 2010 12,579 views 9 Comments

This month’s Chemistry World piece is a rather nice synthesis of Dictyosphaeric Acid A by Richard Taylor’s group in York.

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  • chinstrap says:

    Is it just me, or does this seem fishy…


    looks like another poorly peer reviewed paper….thoughts?!

    • kyoto says:

      I tried to figure out the mechanism but could not get it. It looks great if its truth, but I was also suspicious of the stuff. If its reproducible then they have great work anyway. Probably someone should retry out and tell us the results!

  • peter says:

    The DMEDA-catalyzed coupling of iodobenzene and benzene definitely looks very suspicious.

    However, it is known that at least 30% of JACS papers from Chinese groups have severe reproducibility issues…

  • HPCC says:

    I wonder. They specifically emphasise how they sublimed KOtBu and purified other reagents. Although I am highly skeptical, this ‘might’ be true. Would need to try it out myself. But my suspicions do rank high!

  • Industrial Dude says:

    This seems very fishy to me – having flash backs to the NaH oxidation.

  • Rex says:

    I think the reaction will only work in deserts and near deep sea thermal vents where the “fairly ambient” temperatures are 80 degC.

    Seriously, this is some of the most atrocious writing I’ve ever read in an English language journal, even for a Chinese group. (To say nothing of the quality of science)

  • Fraudulent Chemist says:

    One of the reagents probably contained traces of some transition metal. Maybe their meticulos purification of potassium t-butoxide by sublimation actually enriched the compound with a covalent, and more volatile, trans. metal t-butoxide (or related decomp.product).

    ACS should probably institute a committee for verification of highly suspicious science. I would not be surprised if there was a retraction coming very soon.

    • HPCC says:

      If they sublimed it from a RBF that had hosted a Pd/C hydrogenation previously… :/

  • absmk says:

    Well…but what do you think about analogous results reported in JACS by a Japanese group:

    Very similar procedure…except that the authors didn’t sublime their NaOt-Bu.