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Agelastatins A(-F) Pt. 4   

26 September 2010 12,350 views 6 Comments

This month’s Chemistry World column, posted very much belatedly, is Movassaghi’s syntheses of Agelastatins A-F – the fourth appearance of this family on this blog.  However, this is the first appearance of the journal Chemical Science in these pages – a new all-encompassing journal from the RSC.

As an aside, I think I’ve been writing DOIs for too long now – I’m quite disappointed with the code used for Chemical Science. The relevent code for this paper is 10.1039/c0sc00351d .  What’s C0S about?

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  • WestCoast85 says:

    You are now science writer ? You were not medicinal chimist ???

  • gippgig says:

    Is that O-Me-diepiagelastatin A or just diepiagelastatin A?

  • Ed says:

    If LinkedIn is to be believed Paul is no longer with Arrow Therapeutics.

  • aZa-K says:

    Can be “science writer” and medicinal chemist too!? Anyway the blog is awesome and I have no doubt about the lab work…
    What about Chemical Science… this is a brand new journal from the RSC and already publishing works of great chemistry groups???

  • Joanne says:

    That’s right – Chemical Science is the new flagship journal from the RSC. There are now four issues online, all of which demonstrate the journal’s aim to publish research of exceptional science.

    As for the DOI, all RSC journals now have a similar structure of DOI. The two first characters represent the year, SC represents the journal (CS was already being used – Chem Soc Rev) and the rest of the DOI is the number unique to that particular manuscript. The DOI needs to contain quite a few characters to ensure there is enough available name space for the large number of manuscripts that are submitted.

  • gippgig says:

    Pure and Applied Chemistry just published an article online titled “Recent advances in the total synthesis of agelastatins” (www.iupac.org/publications/pac/asap/PAC-CON-10-08-04/; doi:10.1351/PAC-CON-10-08-04).