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13 November 2006 16,878 views 31 Comments

As the very observiant among you will have noticed (not “yepyep” then… okay, I’ll give it a rest now… :)), I’ve added a few more blogs to the links. The chemical blogging scene has taken-off hugely in the last few months, and I’m really glad to see that the topics covered are incredibly diverse. I’m picking any one blog out in particular for praise, go get your own opinion. So where did I find them? All these lovely people have linked to my page, one way or another. And thus it turns up in the server stats. So, just like Dylan did (don’t we miss his regular rambling – Chemistry World need to publish him more often) a few months back, here’s a few stats, courtesy of AWstats:

Monthly Access:


So we’re still growing in use! Cheers, folks! Thankfully, not in danger of hitting the bandwidth limit yet…

Daily Stats:

Ah ha! Lazy weekends appear to be popular. Either that, or there’s less opportunity for procrastination on the weekend.

Country List:


So where are you lot from? No real surprises here…

Now for the really geeky stats:


Good to see that a decent number of you are using FireFox, and it’s interesting to see that the Apple – Academic connection is still going on! Who the hell’s still using Netscape?

More stats another day I think, but we’ll get back to chemistry tomorrow, with Amphidinolide E…

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