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Modern Aldol Methods for the Total Synthesis of Polyketides   

19 November 2006 5,181 views 5 Comments

Schetter and Mahrwald. ACIE, 2006, 45(45), 7506-7525; DOI: 10.1002/anie.200602780.

With all this focus on polyketide/macrolide synthesis, I thought I’d highlight an interesting review in this week’s Angewandte; a genuine masterclass in the aldol reaction. They highlight Woodward’s synthesis of erythromycin, an amazing read, just to see how far we’ve come. Also, the figure on page 7507 is incredible; showing the aldol disconnections used in other all of the syntheses of erythromycin so far.

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  • TWYI says:

    Quite a team effort regarding the Woodward synthesis!

  • European Chemist says:

    Yeap… I suppose it’s not an easy situation at all when your PI suddenly deceases (although it might be selfish to think from the Ph.D. student’s point of view when such a thing happens!)… we’ve had a Ph.D. student arrive here some 10-15 years ago coming from Oppolzer’s group, following his departure from this world… anyway, what I find particularly interesting is the amount of names from the co-authors of that paper that eventually became famous in their own right. How many of them did you count? ;-)

  • ddd says:

    Hmmm..did not know about Borodin (actually wiki says he was a composer too, sunday compouser).

  • ravikant choudhary says:

    sir ,
    i want the synthesis prosis of Erythromycin plz send me this
    your faithfully