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Moving Labs and Christmas Holidays   

21 December 2006 3,633 views 4 Comments

It’s that time to put the mag-sulphate down, and pack-up those TLC plates… or in the Burton Group’s case, move labs. Yup, the new location of Burton Towers is in Oxford’s CRL, having packed up the lab and moved it all through this week. Even the little NMR tubes. And how swish are our new labs :). Here’s a few more interesting photos:

imgp1573_small.jpg imgp1572_small.jpg imgp1571_small.jpg
So now it’s time to go on our seasonal hiatus, and for me to thank you all for reading and contributing to the discussion here. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable to write this blog, and to read many others that have started this year. We’re changing the face of scientific publishing in a small, but rather meaningful way, so pat yourself on the back :)

I’ll return to write again as soon as I have web access next year – hopefully in early January. Slàinte mhor!!

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  • Tynchtyk says:

    Since I discovered Totallysynthetic in July, your blog is the first page I open whenever I am online. Happy holidays and best of luck in the new year!!!

  • Daniel Sejer says:

    I am very jealous indeed. That lab looks absolutely perfect. So you are basically moving into a virgin lab. Sweet man. Merry Christmas, D!

  • kosmisch says:

    those labs look sweet. Almost like some sci-fi movie. :D
    Lots of knobs to turn and buttons to push!
    Good luck!

  • HOMO-LUMO says:

    Moving labs is a formidable pain in the bump.

    If you dont have to share the fumehood with anybody, it will be quite profitable by the aspect of that new fumehoods.