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14 March 2007 5,363 views 6 Comments


Folks, I don’t know how your week is going, but mine has been quite stressful so far, so I was deeply impressed when my esteemed collegue, Simon Sprague, presented a little set of named reaction problems. With a difference. Y’see, all you need to do is connect a series of pictures with a named reaction, much in the “bee” + “leaf” = “believe” manner. I’ve linked to the problem set here, as a pdf.

The comments are now open, and the answers are posted as comment one.

PS. It’s a bit anglo-centric, so feel free to harass the UKian members of your lab for answers, and to mock their lack of pop-culture if they don’t get it…

The Story So Far…

The first correct set was completed by Dr. Mike Porter of UCL, London. Good job! Other correct answers have been supplied by James Donald at Nottingham, Davey Stoker at the same, and Dr. Helen Sheldrake of Bradford. No other correct answers yet, so keep working at it! Also, Aaron – look further down – there are 20 questions!

And in the US…

First (almost) correct attempt was from Kristin, Ivan and the rest of the Jamison group at MIT. Two 1/2 questions wrong (7, 12, 15) all correct now!

Further Props to:

BaggieBoy, Lovechild of R B Woodward & Jal-frezi at Syngenta, The Spring Group at Cambridge and the Aubé Group at Kansas, who are all very smart. A second round to Dr. Sheldrake (Snr) of the ICR, and the Ley Group at Cambridge.
And an almost-but-not-quite for:

The Williams group at Rutgers University (Q1)

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  • Tot. Syn. says:

    1. Pauson-Khand
    2. Corey-Bakshi-Shibata reduction
    3. Mitsunobu
    4. Yamaguchi
    5. Sharpless AD
    6. Baylis-Hillman
    7. Diels-Alder
    8. Mukaiyama aldol
    9. Krapcho decarboxylation
    10. Michael addition
    11. Corey-Fuchs
    12. Glazer coupling
    13. Hofmann elimination
    14. Cannizzaro
    15. Oppenauer oxidation
    16. Peterson olefination
    17. Evans-Tischenko
    18. Nasarov cyclisation
    19. Reformatsky
    20. Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley

  • compchem says:

    Spragg – You’ve been Framed is in no way a “c**p show” – a dog on a skateboard cracks me up every time…

  • sheriff says:

    any clue how you you come to know the answer

  • CR says:

    Pardon the anal-retention, but ‘Nazarov’ is with a ‘Z.’ Alas, a disappointing 16/20. It was a good way to waste an afternoon though. Cheers.

  • ln says:

    i too remained stuck at 16…. a cup is called a box in england? i kept thinking that girl’s name was ling and it was some coupling i didn’t know!

  • eh says:

    Have you seen the Nature paper by Baran?