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Best Synthesis, December & January   

16 March 2007 3,451 views 7 Comments

Sorry, folks – this is seriously belated! I’ve combined a December and January into one poll, as I’m sure well all took some time off at new year, but that’s not to belittle the syntheses. It’s a tough call – but your one!

PS. For the uninitiated, the poll is over there —–> :)

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  • Chemist of Sorts says:

    Alright Totallysynthetic, I have to call you out (in a friendly way). You have an obvious real bias towards macrolides and aldol based natural products. No question that there are some challenges there, but you sometimes overlook very nice syntheses in favor of these. For example, how you could snub Evans’ (correct apostrophe placement, Chembark?) totally sweet synthesis of Himgaline (JACS 2007, 1048-9) in favor of a relatively pedestrian synthesis like intricatetraol http://totallysynthetic.com/blog/?p=455 is beyond me. I have to ask too, is your best synthesis poll legitimate with the exclusion of Himgaline? For honest disclosure: I am in no way afffliated with Evans group and second, I readily admit that I have a bias towards alkaloids, but I think I deserve some latitude here since you also snubbed my total synthesis this past year.

  • Tot. Syn. says:

    I’ve no fantastic excuse for missing that paper, other than the fact I was moving home (and university) that month, and had no internet access for quite a while. The Evans paper you mentioned is sweet, and I’ll do a post on it shortly. I try to read every relevant paper, but my own total synthesis seems to get in the way :)
    I always appreciate people suggesting papers that I’ve missed, so do tell me when I’ve left out something important. I especially worry that I’m missing good stuff that makes it into Nature, Science or PNAS, cause I don’t read those journals often enough. And, as much as blatant advertising is perhaps a bit off, do tell me what your paper was – I’d love to read it.
    Apologies again, but this is an interactive blog!

  • Chemist of Sorts says:

    No apologies needed… it as after all your blog! And snub is perhaps to harsh a word, since it implies a deliberateness which was not there. I do enjoy reading your blog and posting comments occasionally. Drop me a line and I can send you my synthesis reference.

  • The Canadian Chromatographer says:

    Well, for fear of being redundant (see comments in a previous post), then please blog that interesting (±)-Marcfortine B.

    We readers really DO appreciate the effort! Cheers.

    A Canadian post-doccing in the USA.

  • Paul says:

    Evans’ (correct apostrophe placement, Chembark?)


  • Disillusioned Hamster says:

    Angewandte is now promising Nicolaou’s asymmetric synthesis of platensimycin as a ‘Hot Paper’ Hopefully, it will be an improvement on the quick and nasty achiral version – the oxidative dearomatisation route looks interesting

  • Tot. Syn.'s other half says:

    I think the tendency for aldol based reactions might have something to do with group meeting with Paterson at cambridge – I think he has been brainwashed