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One Year On…   

25 March 2007 5,623 views 24 Comments

Birthday CakeCan you believe it? Yep, tot.syn.com is now a whole year old! In some ways, I can’t believe I’ve only been doing this for one year; in others, it’s kinda scary people are still reading this! It seems I joined the blogosphere just as things were kicking-off; the true pioneers (Derek, Dylan, Paul Bracher and Mitch) had been at it for a while – and I stumbled upon Tenderbutton through a completely random search. Then crazy thoughts happened, and I gave it a go… (I’ve certainly got a bit more loquacious).
The design changed a bit too.

Things have certainly moved on somewhat – the blog-roll gets longer by the week (or at least the list of items which I have to add to the blog roll does…), and the number of people reading the site increases every week. So time to hand out the thanks, which go out in no order to the Burton group (for putting up with me bleating-on about total synthesis all the time), Eleanor (ditto), the boss (for letting me waste time on this), and to the Academics – for pushing things forward. Cheers!

(Also, an extra special thanks to the people that comment, with special mention of Milkshake, Rof5, ddd, TWYI, pi* who have contributed greatly to the academic debate. And to the many academics who post here under a pseudonym.)

Lastly, thanks for reading!

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  • Mitch says:

    Congratulations on your first of many birthdays!


  • yepyep says:

    Congrats! You’ve done a great job.

  • Paul says:

    Happy Birthday. TotSyn is my #1 source of info for advances in total synthesis. Now, instead of reading those papers, I just come here. I think it’s like how a daddy bird chews up worms and then regurgitates them into the kids’ mouths. Yes, it is lazy of me, but nourishing nonetheless. Thanks!

  • Handles says:

    Congrats, and keep up the good work!

  • ddd says:

    wow, thanks for mentioning me in your acknowlegements lol, I did not think my comments are so valuable ;)

    keep it up, it is a very good blog, I do not have read the papers now, I just go here for news ;)

  • milkshake says:

    You have been totally awesome. Happy 1st birthday!

  • Rof5 says:

    Happy birthday to TotSyn! It’s a very nice blog. Keep it up! It’s so sweet to see me in your acknowlegements. I really didn’t expect that!

  • ZAL says:

    Thank you for your work and congratulations! I am not doing total synthesis and so reading your blog is how I keep myself updated on the latest developments! Keep it up and never ever think about quitting, it’s too useful!

  • Russ says:

    Congrats on completing one blog-year (that’s probably something 7 actual years). Here’s hoping you continue for many more.

  • Tynchtyk says:

    Congrats! Happy Birthday to your blog, which became a wonderful internet resource for Total Synthesis fans!

  • round and round says:

    Happy birthday TotSyn. I wish you get many more of these.

  • Tot. Syn.'s other half says:

    well done old chap, lasted longer and better kept than your other websites! I am just sorry that i never find the time to read it properly and understand (i just look at the pretty pictures aaah… and pretend i have looked… etc.).

  • ArrowPushingMonster says:

    Keep up the good work!!! Only started reading in the last five months or so but am already hooked on my next Tot Syn Blog….:)

  • pi* says:

    congrats, I only found this a couple months ago…but I really like

  • WestCoast85 says:

    Congratulations for this blog ! It’s the best internet site who’s talking about organic chemistry and more particulary total synthesis…

    By a french PhD student ;)

  • synthon says:

    …our boy is growing up so fast!

    Congrats & keep it up!

  • TWYI says:

    I think I have posted less than 10 times, thanks for the acknowledgment though!!

  • chemist in japan says:

    congrats! and thanks

  • excimer says:

    congrats on turning 1. this is my favorite blog- keep ‘em coming!

  • Liquidcarbon says:

    Thanks for writing! Just wondering.. what happened to those 4502 grad students? :)

  • milkshake says:

    Vermicullite filler that you find in Aldrich boxes is made from recycled grad students.

  • Hap says:

    Thank you for blogging.

    Ever wonder where the starting material comes from for those long total syntheses, or why amino acid and lipid starting materials are never ordered from Aldrich?…

  • Ψ*Ψ says:

    Congrats on surviving a year!

  • Demetrius says: