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Mid-Week Fun Pt. 2: The Revenge…   

29 March 2007 4,341 views 6 Comments

I think it’s quite probably time to de-stress a bit, so we’ve got a fantastic second set of named reaction problems created by our game-show-style host, Simon. This batch are considerably more difficult than the last, so I’ll be impressed if anyone can get a correct set of answers in two hours like last time… (busy today, Dr. Porter?). You can find them here.

The first correct set are in… and the winners are “Davey Stoker and the rest of the Pattenden Monkeys at Nottingham” (direct quote…)! Well done folks… Also, a nearly-there-but-not-quite for Dr. Helen Sheldrake (reconsider 8 and 16…). Finally, the last answers emailed in were from the Jamison Group (no. 17 was wrong…) and from Mike Porter (just a few missing)… but the answers are now in the comments.

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  • Tot. Syn. says:

    1. Luche reduction
    2. Finkelstein
    3. Suzuki coupling
    4. Rubottom oxidation
    5. Schotten-Baumann
    6. Arbusov reaction
    7. Friedal-crafts alkylation
    8. Curtius rearrangement
    9. Benzoin condensation
    10. Carroll rearrangement
    11. Barton-mcCombie
    12. Simmons-Smith
    13. Pommeranz-Fritsch
    14. Patterno-Buchi
    15. Shapiro
    16. Passerini
    17. Wenker synthesis
    18. Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi
    19. Buchwald-Hartwig Amination
    20. Dotz

  • ArrowPushingMonster says:

    Those ‘monkeys’ in the Pattenden group were the only ones to get them all correct!!! They must be realllyyyy good!!!!! :-)

  • Jalfrezi says:

    So who is the Curt in no. 8? – looks like Roy Hattersley to me…

  • ArrowPushingMonster says:

    Its Kurt Alder!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Louise says:

    This last set provided the British groups with an unfair advantage.

    “Carrol Rearrangement” was difficult to solve. But I guess there isn’t a “Vanna White Rearrangement.” :)

  • Non-chemist says:

    let’s see total synthesis of platencin.