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18 May 2007 4,273 views 8 Comments


Many of you will have noticed that I have a forum on this site; if you haven’t, it’s accessible from the link above. However, I’ve a had a bit of trouble with spammers, so I’d closed new regisrations for quite a while. Since then, though, I’ve opened up registration again, and hope things clean up a little.

So if your got something on your mind, chemistry or not, then head on over!

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  • milkshake says:

    To ligten up the mood a bit, here are two favorite SPAM haiku:

    Hickory Smoked Spam
    Hickory’s been comatose
    Since that faithful day

    here’s another:

    Ten pigs on a farm
    Farmer makes a batch of spam
    Still, ten pigs on the farm

  • neo says:

    What do you think guys…if i am a student from not so well known supervisor but have a couple or so of fairly good publications, can I get a post doc with a top brass like KCN.

  • ZZZZZ says:

    You can get one, but the real question is, would you want one?

  • neo says:

    oh yaaa…why not ? I am working with a “kinda” new supervisor and he is the one who just wants to get work done and I am sure you know how that would be like. But working in a big well known guy would mean lot to learn and just learn.

  • ZZZZZ says:

    OK then, sounds like you’ve thought this out very carefully, go for it young man/woman!

  • Zinc says:

    If you want a job, KCN or similar status groups are hard to beat. Most of the KC people I’ve known were very successful at landing positions, post-docs and grad students alike.

  • Mike says:

    Looks like you’ve sorted out the problems with spammers then Paul… ;-)

  • pi* says:

    I would rather kill myself than work for kcn