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  • David Small says:

    I am not an organic chemist and have a synthesis question related to nitrosothiols.

    Can anyone tell me anything about the chemistry of S-nitrosothioglycerol ie its synthesis, degradation, where I could buy a standard, All references appreciated,

    Regards David Small

  • Francisco says:

    I looking for zingiberene insolated,
    Can you tell me where I can get zingiberen?

  • Hugh Celcius says:

    I’m a medicinal chemist working for a small drug discovery unit in central london which is wholly owned by a major international pharmaceutical company. I have a side project on-going to synthesise Tiberghienols. I have taken the commercially available Hohihon and formed in 5 steps the bi-cycle precursor but now I find that treatment with propanethial-S-oxide which should in theory leave me 2 steps from N-Tiberghienol has consitently given me terrible mixtures which when applied to silica columns appear as a series of dark stripes. The literature on N-Tiberghienol and derivatives is all but non-existent. Any input from those with experience in this field would be greatly appreicated

  • amir dolati says:

    Dear friends,
    I’m amir dolati and study chemisty and I’m interesting to know what’s the best
    method of guiafenesin synthesis.

    Best Regards,
    Amir Dolati

  • Marvin says:

    I am here to learn about total synthesis of natural products. This is an awesome site. Another way to discuss ideas for total synthesis besides sitting around a table or going to seminars.


  • Harold Gross says:

    Do you allow advertisers in your publication? What are the rates?

  • Dante says:

    Hi everybody. I have a question, and if someone have someone have some expertise about this, i will be gratefully forever. I’m trying to synthesize general structures of 1,3-diiminoisoindolines for phthalocyanines synthesis. In the general procedure, gaseous ammonia is bubbled in the solution of NaOMe/MeOH. But ammonia gas need to be anhydrous before bubble in the alcoxyde solution of such systems. Does anyone knows how to dry ammonia in cases like that? Is there any specifucally apparatus or discribed method? I have tried someones but with no success in any.

    Best regarts

    • BRSM says:

      If one needs dry (and iron free) ammonia it’s normal to first condense the gas from a cylinder into a two or three neck rbf in a dry ice-acetone bath where it can be dried by addition of pieces of sodium/potassium (’til it goes blue, then leave it for 15 min). This flask can then be removed from the cooling bath, allowing the dry ammonia to evaporate. A tube from this drying flask to your reaction flask will allow the dry ammonia to be passed through your reaction. Ammonia evaporates pretty slowly, so you can get a reasonably controlled stream of dry gas this way. I believe this set up is described in the Organic Syntheses entry for the preparation of anisole (it’s standard procedure to do this for Birch reductions, and particularly Birch reductive alkylations)

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